Owner’s Speech

mrLirim In my life I have faced many challenges, I have traveled across all of the Europe and I have also traveled through the Southeastern Europe area. I have seen and felt people, their culture and their lifestyles in all those countries. Luckily, Europe is constantly evolving and thus bringing new options, opportunities and challenges. The unification of Europe, therefore, presents better future and good life for all European citizens.

I’m honored to be the author and owner of the project Europort Shengjin “Dragon of the Adriatic” which will show, that positive changes can be more than just a dream. They can become real in our present and our future. These positive changes will fasten the development of all of Europe, Southeastern Europe area and the rest of the world. When I have founded the project Europort Shengjin “Dragon of the Adriatic”, in Albania eight years ago, I have perhaps been the only one who believed that something like this is even possible. Today, this is the most successful and the most promising project in the Southeastern Europe area. Next to the award at the most prestige world level, like placing on the list of World Finance top 100 largest projects, which acknowledges only the best in their sectors, and then award from Albanian Chamber of Commerce “Albanian Golden Eagle”, presents for all of us involved in the project Europort Shengjin ”Dragon of the Adriatic” a new challenge.


Lirim Muharemi