Project Europort Shengjin “Dragon of the Adriatic”

LM&Comp. is the project development company which is the owner of the large scale project Europort »Dragon of the Adriatic« in Shengjin, Albania. The company’s main objective is to build the greatest logistic hub in Southeastern Europe leading to the general development of the Balkan countries and their faster integration with the European Union. From the environmental perspective Europort Shengjin “Dragon of the Adriatic” will enable a shortening of transport routes for about 700 km and therefore contribute to a significant decrease in freight charges and fuel consumption. For the transport of 30 million tons of goods per year, 360 million liters of fuel will be saved, what represents a tremendous reduction of carbon emission. The total savings of freight charges are estimated to 550 million Euros. In addition, that means a boost to economic growth and the further increase of foreign trade.



Dragon of the Adriatic – A Conceptual Project


Europort Shengjin “Dragon of the Adriatic”



Award for ranking the project Europort Shengjin “Dragon of the Adriatic” among the 100 best projects in the world in 2009 selected by the business magazine World Finance from London, UK (


Award of the Albanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry “The Golden Eagle of the Adriatic” in 2010 for the excellence of the project Europort Shengjin “Dragon of the Adriatic”.